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Innovate Merida

The city of Merida with its mountains and ancient customs is a land of men and women who have always been at the forefront in almost every aspect of life, from politics in the military, social or technological.

The Merida has always been a persons who overcomes challenges The Merida is a working man like as well as this fighter have farmers artisans and Juan Felix Sanchez, Alberto Carnevalli or writer Marian Picón Salas. Merida is known not only for their characters, their gastronomic route takes the tourist on a journey of flavors and Creole restaurants avant-garde, classical French or fusion.

For these and other reasons Merida is a totally new city, full of contrasts that make it unforgettable.

-Transfero from airport or bus terminal to hotel / transfer from hotel to the airport or bus terminal -Baggage handling

-Amdean breakfast daily

-05 nights accomodation at selected hotel -

-City Tour

-Full Day: wonderful village of Paramo:

-The eagle peak, horseback riding to the Lagoon of Mucubaji (options)

- Visits to the paramo of Mifafi (refuge of the condor of the Andes)

-Visits to stone church created for Juan Felix Sanchez Lunch ans snacks included (soft drinks)

-Full Day: Visits to village of Jaji and San Juan, lunch and snacks included (soft drinks)

-Full Day: Visits to village of Gavidia, lunch and snacks included / Excursion to park "La Venezuela de Antier" (does not includes tickets).

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