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Hotel el Serrano starstarstar

Av. Los Proceres, sector Santa Bárbara, Municipio Libertador, , 5101,
Tel: +58 2122870517, Fax: +58 2122842015
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Hotel El Serrano, mountain resort hotel in the center of Merida. With 52 well appointed, comfortable rooms, including 48 Double Rooms and 4 Executive Suites. Gardens, open spaces, including personal attention from its host.

The restaurant here offers delicious and complete selections of national and International foods this includes the Cabana Lunch & Snacks offering a special place for relaxation, at one of the most beautiful pools with garden in all of Merida.

The VIP Lounge (La Neblina), is a great place to relax, meet new friends and recall the pleasures and fun of your day in Mérida with the best "live" musical entertainment.

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City tour,visits to museums,parks and nearby villages.

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Check In: 15: 00 Check:Out: 12:00.

Driving directions

To get to Merida,take the flight from the Caracas- Maiquetia airport and after 1 hour you will arrive to the beautiful city of Merida.


Airport Alberto Carnevalli, Airport Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso, Ejido and Merida.

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Take a flight to Merida,rent a car or travel by public.

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Hotel el Serrano


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13 D/B 2 N/A No No
14 D/B 2 N/A No No
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21 D/B 2 N/A No No
22 D/B 2 N/A No No
23 D/B 2 N/A No No
24 D/B 2 N/A No No
25 D/B 2 N/A No No
26 D/B 2 N/A No No
27 D/B 2 N/A No No
28 D/B 2 N/A No No
29 D/B 2 N/A No No
3 D/B 2 N/A No No
30 D/B 2 N/A No No
31 D/B 2 N/A No No
32 D/B 2 N/A No No
33 D/B 2 N/A No No
34 D/B 2 N/A No No
35 D/B 2 N/A No No
36 D/B 2 N/A No No
37 D/B 2 N/A No No
38 D/B 2 N/A No No
39 D/B 2 N/A No No
4 D/B 2 N/A No No
40 D/B 2 N/A No No
41 D/B 2 N/A No No
42 D/B 2 N/A No No
43 D/B 2 N/A No No
44 D/B 2 N/A No No
45 D/B 2 N/A No No
46 D/B 2 N/A No No
47 D/B 2 N/A No No
48 D/B 2 N/A No No
49 D/B 2 N/A No No
5 D/B 2 N/A No No
50 D/B 2 N/A No No
51 D/B 2 N/A No No
52 D/B 2 N/A No No
6 D/B 2 N/A No No
7 D/B 2 N/A No No
8 D/B 2 N/A No No
9 D/B 2 N/A No No
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Tariff D/B 21st Apr 2008 21st Apr 2018 84.07€ ($93.00)  Per night 
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